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Sonsbeck (North-Rhine Westphalia)

Field of business:
Recycling and disposal of waste oils, solvents, contaminated waste water, batteries and other liquid and solid wastes. Production of various fuels (KS-Thermic), base and lubricating oil grades (KS-Lubric) as well as glycol-based and polyglycol ether-based chemical products (KS-Chemic) from the collected waste oils, coolants and brake fluids.

Board of Management:
Kurt Schmidt (Founder)
Guido Schmidt (Managing Director)
Bernd Dorlöchter (General Agent)


Total: 90

Validation in accordance with EMAS (Eco-audit) every 3 years
Annual environmental audit in accordance with DIN EN ISO 14001
Annual quality audit in accordance with DIN ISO 9000 ff
Annual certification as a specialised waste management company (Efb)
Audits as a company certified in accordance with the German Water Resources Act
Laboratory division certified in accordance with § 25 State Waste Disposal Act