Careful analyses give certainty

Turning residues into new raw materials
KS-Recycling GmbH & Co. KG not only disposes of wastes and residues according to the relevant legislation, we have also set ourselves the goal of recycling them as far as possible. We thereby make an important contribution to conserving natural resources and make the principle of ecological and economic sustainability with the corporate goal of zero emissions practically to our company’s objective.

As one of the few companies in the industry, we meet the demands of the German Waste Oil Ordinance (AltÖlV) in the amendment of 16.04.2002 and go even further with the demands that we make on ourselves.

We invest continuously in the development of modern processes and keep our plants up to the latest state of the art. We are thus in a position to recycle more and more of the waste collected by us.

We work efficiently and put every effort into minimising pollutant emissions, avoiding contamination of the soil and ground water and optimising the energy efficiency. In order to meet our responsibility for the environment, we are also changing over our companies and employees organisationally to sustainable environmental protection. We therefore installed an environmental management system (Öko-Audit) in our company as long ago as 1997 and have all environmentally relevant components of our plant operations – from environmental management system through to environmental audit – certified by the TÜV South Germany. We document this also in our environmental declaration. In this way we guarantee quality control and transparency in all our day-to-day activities.

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