Product range

Product range

Sustainability in the sense of closed substance cycle waste management pays off – for the environment and for business. Ultimately our innovative recycling processes result in high-quality, new products for the industry. We thus have a broad offering of different mineral oil or solvent-based products for use in trade and industry.

Fuels production line
KS-Thermic S / Heavy oil-based fuel
KS-Thermic L / Light fuel oil-based fuel
KS-Thermic B / Fuel / petrol-based fuel

Lubricants / process oils production line
KS-Lubric PF / Flux oil
KS-Lubric SP / Spindle oil
KS-Lubric KDT / Base oil

Chemicals production line
KS-Chemic MEG / Monoethylene glycol
KS-Chemic PEGE / Polyethylene glycol ether

We would be delighted if you decide to contact our Sales department. We can advise you free of charge and without obligation and you can talk to our specialists about closed substance cycle waste management. We produce oils according to your quality specifications and individual requirements!