Our range of services for you at a glance

We take over the EU-wide disposal and recycling of wastes and hazardous wastes from trade and industry. We make new products for use in trade and industry from residues such as waste oil, radiator coolants, brake fluids, etc.

You can find a selection of possible services that we can offer you here. Our sales staff will be happy to advise you on solving your problems in the field of waste disposal.

Recycling of wastes and hazardous wastes from trade and industry
- Waste oils, kerosene’s, petrols, coolants and brake fluids, solvents, emulsions, oil/ water mixtures, contaminated water, various solids/sludges, etc.

Complete waste disposal for motor vehicle workshops
- Waste oils, petrols, solvents, oil filters, oil-contaminated production media, oil separator contents, emulsions, coolants, brake fluids, scrap metal, plastics, PPK, etc.

Tank cleaning
- Cleaning of fuel oil tanks with recycling of the contents

Analysis in our laboratory approved in accordance with § 25 LAbfG
- Petrochemical analyses (mineral oil, bio-oil, fuel, coolants, brake fluid)
- Declaration analyses for drawing up disposal certificates
- PCB determination in accordance with DIN standards

Sales of products from the recycling process
- Lubricants / process oils production line
- Fuels production line
- Chemicals production line

- Handling of transport orders for solid and liquid wastes
- Rental and sales of collection vessels for wastes

- Customer and waste-specific disposal concepts
- Drawing up of wastes balance sheets, waste analyses, drawing up of disposal certificates, sampling, consultancy on site by qualified field service staff, etc.

We meet high quality standards and can guarantee our customers the very highest responsibility for the environment and legal security.

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